The adjustment is a slight force introduced into the spine by your chiropractor at a level where the spine has become "stuck". Your body is constantly trying to "adjust" itself as we go throughout our day (without us being aware of it). Because there are limitations to how far your spine can bend, there are times when you need help from outside your own body to introduce a very soft force to allow your own body (the muscles and ligaments) to pull the bones of the spine back into the right position. Any slight pressure on nerves by the bones of the spine being "out of it's normal position" can cause the communication over the nerves to the brain to be less than 100%. Less than 100% communication from your brain to all the glands and organs that make the chemicals in your body, to run your body, is bad news. You then begin to produce chemicals in your body , by your own glands and organs, to become less than optimal.